Unless development and construction is something you are involved in daily, you may have a great many questions. The process itself - going from an idea, to development of construction plans, through plans review, to issuance of permits, scheduling inspections, and closing a permit, can be a little different from one project to the next and often results in questions...even from veterans of the process. The codes and ordinances can occasionally be so ambiguous or convoluted that it is difficult to understand what exactly needs to be done. This page contains guidance on topics that tend to create confusion or need additional clarification. 

  • Policy statements are published in an effort to provide consistency in the interpretation and application of the code by the Chief Building Official.
  • Frequently Asked Questions is a repository of common questions that come through the front desk and span a range of topics.
  • Fast Fact Guides provide more detailed explanation and instruction on subjects that tend to be complicated or outside of the norm.



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Information on this page will be updated occasionally as new questions are presented or additional guides or policy statements are published. If you are unable to find the information you need, please reach out via email or call the front office at 865-215-3669.