Check Today's Inspections

Inspections are assigned and distributed according to workload, staffing, and discipline which means you will occasionally have different inspectors for different phases of your project. The City of Knoxville uses combination inspector for IRC residential projects (1-and 2-family dwellings and townhouses) in an effort to provide consistency in the inspection of your project and simplify scheduling. However, variations in staffing levels and inspection workload may mean a that a dedicated MEP (trades) inspector may be assigned to your requested MEP inspection while a different inspector is assigned to your structural inspections.

All residential inspections will typically be located within the Building Inspections section of the list but, if reassigned, may show up under on a MEP list. Please check each list if you do not immediately find your permit with an inspector assigned.

Complete contact information for your assigned inspector can be found at the top of the page in the Contact Us dropdown.