Use this page to schedule inspections for active permits.  If you are having trouble with inspection request please verify that permit application selected is appropriate for the permit naming format.

This page will also allow you to find out who is assigned to your inspections each day and search for results of your inspections.

What do you need to do?

Common Questions:

How soon can I get my inspection?

Inspections can generally be scheduled for the next day if requested prior to 2pm. If the next day is not available prior to 2pm it means that the department already has more inspections scheduled than there is staff available.

What inspections are required?

All permits require a final inspection. The permit type and scope of work will determine what other inspection types are required. Your inspector is the best person to talk to about when they need to be involved.

If your project included the review of plans, the back of your permit will provide you a basic list of required inspections based on the construction drawings submitted.

Do I need a Fire inspection for my project?

All IBC permits will require, at minimum, a final inspection performed by the fire inspections office prior to the building inspections final. You may schedule the 940-Fire Final Inspection and 960-Building/Sign Final Inspection the same day IF you provide notice on both requests that you have doubled-up inspections.