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With the launch of the new permitting software the City of Knoxville has updated our inspection scheduling system.

Inspection appointments can be schedule by either using this page or directly from your Citizen Access Account by click the Schedule Inspections button.






Schedule Inspection Online

Step 1.Process Overview

Please follow the steps below to submit your inspection request. Things to be aware of when preparing to schedule an inspection appointment:

  • Inspection appointments can be scheduled a maximum of 3 business days out.
  • Inspection appointment are generally available for the next business day if the request is made prior to 2pm. If there are no appointments available, the system will only allow viewing of the next business day with an open appointment.
  • An inspection request must be made for each inspection type you want documented. Examples of this requirement:
    • If you want an inspection of the framing inside the house and footings for your new deck, you must schedule both a framing and footing inspection.
    • If you are building a duplex and you need framing inspections on both sides, you must schedule framing inspections at both addresses.
    • If you need rough-in inspections for both your electrical and plumbing installation, you must schedule rough-in inspections for both permits.
  • Scheduling a 'time' for inspection is not possible as the inspectors must have the flexibility to deal with their schedule based on the requirements of the associated projects. You are welcome to request a time in the description of your request but it cannot be guaranteed.
  • Inspections are not assigned to a particular inspector until the morning of the appointment. Assignment will be made based on the requirements of the requested inspections and staff availability. You can see who your assigned inspector is on the Check Today's Inspections page by clicking the Daily Inspections List.pdf (available between 830a and 900a daily). Inspector contact information is available on the Contact Us page.

Step 2.Collect Information

You will to know the following information to schedule an inspection appointment:

  • You full permit number (include the dashes).
  • The location of the project. The system will auto-populate this for you but you need to verify you are making a request for the correct location. Remember, inspectors cannot result an inspection unless their is a valid request open in the system. Scheduling an inspection appointment for the wrong location will result in a multiple day delay for your project.
  • The name and phone number of the contact person who will be on-site for the inspector. Do not leave the name and phone number for the secretary back at the office.

Step 3.Preparing For Your Inspection Appointment

To ensure that you have a successful inspection, please prepare by doing the following:

  • Make sure the property location is identified with either a valid address posting on the structure or by sign near the entrance.
  • Have the permit posting displayed in a visible location.
  • Have the approved plans on-site for your inspection and someone available to answer questions/address issues. Often the difference between a passed and failed inspection is a quick field correction or a conversation; if nobody is around then the inspectors options are severely limited.
  • Ensure that all pre-requisite inspections have been performed. If a framing inspection is scheduled before all MEP rough-in inspections have been approved, the framing inspection will fail. If the same inspection fails twice, all additional inspections for that inspection type will incur penalties in the form of reinspection fees.
  • Contact your inspector to get an idea of where your inspection fits into their day. Do not sit around all day waiting on an inspector because you assumed they would be by before lunch.
  • Be Ready. Do not schedule an inspection assuming you can hurry and finish on the day of inspection; this approach typically results in failed inspections and additional fees.

Step 4.Schedule Your Inspection Appointment

 To schedule your inspection appointment, the link below to enter the WebPermits portal.

WebPermits Portal


Common Questions:

How soon can I get my inspection?

Inspections can generally be scheduled for the next day if requested prior to 2pm. If the next day is not available prior to 2pm it means that the department already has more inspections scheduled than there is staff available.

What inspections are required?

All permits require a final inspection. The permit type and scope of work will determine what other inspection types are required. Your inspector is the best person to talk to about when they need to be involved.

If your project included the review of plans, the back of your permit will provide you a basic list of required inspections based on the construction drawings submitted.