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Project records currently exist in multiple systems; some of which are currently only accessible to specialized accounts or particular users. As we continue to move records from older permitting systems into our new system more of this information can be made accessible. The following search engines will enable our design professionals, contractors, and property owners to access permitting and review information that has been transitioned into the new system. Please note that the information being accessed is live and can change depending on a number of scenarios; this is especially important to keep in mind when accessing plans review comments.

No login is required for these functions.

Project Number & RLook-Up

Search feature which will allow users to search by full permit number, address, or parcel; using additional information to limit data returned. To maintain acceptable levels of functionality, the search results will be limited to 200 results per address with the most recently opened permits listed first. For additional records, adjust the date range or street number range.

Access the City Of Knoxville Record Search

Plans Review Comments

Search feature which will allow users to access live information from active plans review records. Some plans-related information is limited based on the dates the plans were submitted. Use of this information is considered at-risk since comments can change during the plans review process as additional documents are examined. Results are returned as an email to a provided address.

Access Plans Review Comments

Record Details

Search feature which will allow users to access details of a specific record number or a list of records for a property address. Note: This search feature cannot be accessed from systems located on a City network; internal users must access this page from the COK Intranet Homepage.

Access Records Search Feature