Pay An Invoice


Until recently, only the applicants had the ability to easily make payments for permit applications. To provide our customers with as much flexibility as possible, the Pay Fee Direct portal has been created to allow anyone to pay fees associated with any permit or record number that is currently active and has a balance due - without the need to register for or log into a Citizen Access Account.

Processing Instructions

Step 1.Requirements for Payment

This process will allow anyone with a valid permit/record number to pay the full outstanding balance of that invoice, regardless of whether they were the original applicant. Please note that the amount to be paid cannot be modified during payment by this process but, if partial payments are needed, a member of our staff can assist you with this at the front desk. Also, since this option does allow anyone to pay for anything it is entirely possible to make a payment for a permit that belongs to someone else. If this happens the money cannot be recovered so please ensure that you have the correct permit before providing payment information.

Step 2.Collect the Required Information

You will need the permit/record number that you want to pay, the address that the permit/record number is associated to, and an idea of what the outstanding balance should be. If there are questions about the balance due, please do not pay the fees until this information is verified with our office.

If you need to look up a permit/record number or property address, you may use the Record Search function located here.

Step 3.What to Expect

  • This is the initial fee payment screen - the only input is the permit/record number you would like to make a payment on. You will enter your permit/record number into the Full Permit Number field (the dashes are required, Example: IRC-NEW-24-2345) and click the Confirm button.


  • If the provided permit/record number is valid and has an outstanding balance, you will be able accept responsibility for fee payment by checking the confirmation box and clicking the Go To Payment button. Verify that the payment being made is the correct permit number and job location before continuing.
  • Note: If the Go To Payment button is not green, the permit/record number cannot be validated, the user has not accepted responsibility for the payment or there is not a balance due.


  • You will be transferred to the record to proceed with payment. Click the Payments dropdown and then click Fees.


  • The screen will change to list any outstanding invoices associated with the permit/record number and the total fees due. Click the Pay Fees link to continue. At this point, the process will be similar to making a purchase for goods or services from any online vendor.


Step 4.Make A Payment

Enter the Pay Fee Direct Portal